Day 3: chilling on the carribean

After a hectic start, we´re slowing the pace way down. Today is our second day in Cahuita, and we´re loving it. Thanks to Nuri for the recommendation, this chill little town on the carribean is a perfect way to get our trip started. The black sand beach is majestic, with water the temperature of a warm bath and sand as soft as talcom powder, it´s pretty darn close to paradise. Turn the weather knob down by about 10 degrees and lose the muggy humidity and we´d be hard-pressed to leave. As it is, I suppose I can´t complain. Walking through the Cahuita national park along the beach, and just relaxing in the hammock on our porch, we´re having a blast. Tomorrow morning we´re going snorkeling over the corral reefs off the coast, and then we drive to Tortuguero in search of sea turtles. As per Sean's request, I´m uploading photos to my flickr as we speak. Can´t seem to connect my flickr and blogger accounts, but you can hit the link on the right. Wish you were here.



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