More Advertising Silliness

So I was coming up the stairs at Montgomery BART this morning (no not the escalator, the stairs!) and I heard an a cappella group singing in the BART plaza. I love a cappella and these guys were actually quite good so I stopped to listen for a bit. It took a good minute for me to realize that they'd re-worded traditional songs to sing about these Attune probiotic wellness bars they were all holding. They were mugging it up for the audience and being generally silly. Singing "a few of my favorite things" and talking about all the flavors the bars come in. They were ultra campy and totally put a smile on my face. Before I continued on with my morning a chanteuse cutie handed me a chocolate crisp attune bar. I don't know what probiotic means (has something to do with yogurt?), but that's one tasty chocolate bar! I'll have to go read more on their website to see what this is all about.

if you're curious.

PS: Yikes! Two posts about marketing in a row. This whole agency thing must be rubbing off on me.


Unknown said...

Did they just hum a few bars?
-it's Fred

Nice house you Home-Owner!

Callipygian said...

Doh!! [groan]

Thanks, it feels weird to own a house. Whatever you do, don't tell the bank how old I am. There's no way they're supposed to give loans to kids like me.