Pet Peeve of the Week

I saw a new Smirnoff commercial tonight. It shows james bond drinking a martini. The tag line: "Smirnoff vodka, the official vodka of 007". I'm sorry, but there's no way bond drank vodka martinis.


Callipygian said...

I stand corrected. Apparently 007 does drink vodka martinis.

From the James Bond Wikipedia entry:
Bond's customary beverage order, "Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred", which was first uttered by him in Goldfinger (although it is actually first said on screen by the villain in Dr. No, and referenced even earlier in the same film), was also honoured as #90 on the same list. However, in "Casino Royale", Craig portrayed the incomplete development of the younger Bond by retorting to a bartender "Do I look like I give a damn?" after being asked if he wanted his martini shaken or stirred. Casino Royale also featured the martini recipe from the Ian Fleming book: 3 measures of Gordon's gin, 1 measure of vodka, and half a measure of Kina Lillet.
In spite of the usual shaken, not stirred consistency in subsequent movies, in "You Only Live Twice" the drink is mixed up and Bond accepts a stirred, not shaken Martini out of politeness to a slightly scatterbrained colleague and in "Licence to Kill" Bond accepts a Vodka Martini 'stirred not shaken' by his latest, American, girl. Bond also occasionally makes various other drink references, especially to the proper temperature at which to chill them.

That seems so wrong to me. Don't get me wrong, I actually prefer vodka over gin, but Bond seems like such a traditional kind of guy, I totally had him pegged as a gin drinker. Props to C-Dawg for catching me on this one.

Jefferson said...

I just looked it up too. lol I remembered something about that in the latest movie. I kept meaning to try it that way. Even though I hate gin. Good gin is palatable.