Stupid colds...

I hate being sick. The sweaty, yucky, dizzy, stuffed-up, lethargy is just no fun. I do however enjoy not having to go to work which is what I did today, and look forward to doing again tomorrow. Sitting on the couch watching BASEketball, drinking gallons of hot tea, and not doing anything all day. I also spent a fair amount of time bumming around the interweb. Somehow I was previously unaware that Norah and Chuck have blogs. I think I'm gonna add a blog-roll to my side bar. If I missed you, leave a note and I'll add yours as well. For all I know I have other friends with blogs that I don't know about. Aight, I'm gonna go pop a couple NyQuil gel-caps (I can't do the syrup, the taste makes me gag ) and try to sleep.

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