Lego Art

I played with LEGOs a lot as a kid. I mean like, I was really into it. I had an entire city on the floor in my bedroom. There was a downtown with high-rises, a hospital, and police and fire stations. A beachside vacation neighborhood, an airport, and all kinds of other stuff that came and went. I didn't have any of those Starwars© or Pirates of the Caribbean© LEGOs either. Just smiling yellow guys & gals, and rectangular bricks. If you wanted a space-ship, you had to build it out of the shapes you had.

When I was about 16 or so, I put my entire collection in a gigantic box, and gifted everything to a younger family friend (hi Asher!). I think it was one of the coolest gifts I've ever given.

But I digress. The point is, I have a huge appreciation for the power of LEGOs, and this is some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen.

Nathan Sawaya's Lego Art


Jefferson said...

Those rock. I love me some lego's. You need to check out Alex's collection.

Callipygian said...

Dude, that boy does NOT have a lego collection!! Are you serious!? Could he be any cooler?

Nicole said...

Didja ever see this: http://www.favorideas.com/wedding-themes/unique-themes/one-brides-lego-theme-wedding/

Callipygian said...

OMG Nicole, that's awesome. Thanks for the link!