Bike Ride Angel Island - Saturday 4/12/08

I'm organizing a bicycle ride around Angel Island the weekend after this. If you'd like to come along, let me know. Alternatively, if you don't know me but found this page through a search engine, here's all the details you need to plan an AWESOME daytrip bike ride around Angel Island:

Saturday morning, eat a nice big breakfast, pack yourself a lunch, stick it in a backpack, and ride to BART.

Helmets and water bottles (or Camelbacks) are mandatory. Spandex, a pump, and a spare inner-tube are highly encouraged.

Click any image to see the google map page.

9:00 AM: We will meet at Justin Herman Plaza (a half block East from the BART station at Embarcadero)

9:30AM: We will ride to the Blue & Gold Ticket Counter at Pier 41 (NOT pier 39).

If you're driving, meet us at Pier 41 at 9:45AM.
The cheapest parking lot (believe me, I know) in the area is on Stockton between North Point St. and Bay St. From there, you can ride a couple blocks to Pier 41.

10:35AM: We will depart on the Blue & Gold Fleet ferry to Angel Island. There's only one boat, and it leaves at 10:35am. Round trip tickets cost $14.50 for adults, Children 6-12 are $8.50. Everybody will buy their own tickets at the ticket window when we arrive that morning.

Details on the Angel Island Blue & Gold Ferry can be found here:

For the ride, there are two loops around the peak, one paved, and a smaller inner fire-road. I figure we can all do the big loop together. Those that have energy can do the inner loop a couple times. After that we'll break for a pic-nic lunch.

3:50PM: There's only one boat home. The ferry back to SF leaves at 3:50pm.

5:00PM: The ferry will have you back at Fisherman's wharf around 5pm.

5:30PM: If you need to ride back to BART, you can expect to be done with your day by 5:30PM.

If people are interested, we can BBQ at my house after the ride. I'm 3 blocks from El Cerrito Plaza BART.