NetFlix Feature Request - "I Want It Now!"

An open letter to my friends at NetFlix. A request for the most cleverest feature ever.

August 17, 2007

NetFlix Customer Service
Requests and Suggestions Department

Dear NetFlix,

I have an idea for an "I want it now!" feature.

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BACKGROUND: Thursday afternoon, I was chatting with my friend Cari. We make plans to get together on Saturday to watch a movie. She's totally fried from a hellish workweek and wants to watch a silly fun comedy. Unfortunately, all the movies I've got at home right now are foreign epics and heart-wrenching dramas. Even if I did have a movie to return, I would never be able to get it back to NetFlix in time for you to ship me a movie before the weekend. I despise the idea of signing up for a Blockbuster account for occasions like this. What's a boy to do?

IMPLEMENTATION: Here's how the “I Want It Now!” button would work. For a nominal fee, I could rent an additional movie, even though I’ve already got all 3 of my movies already at home. It will be sent out right away, so I can watch it the next day. I won’t be shipped an additional movie until I’ve returned 2 more, to get myself back under my quota.

ALTERNATIVE: There are already a couple ways to achieve this, but nothing ideal. I’m pretty sure I could upgrade my account to 4-movies-at-once, and then change it back down to 3-at-once the following month, but that’s a lot of work, and is possibly overkill for what I’m trying to accomplish.

MOM & POP ALTERNATIVE: I could go out and get an account with my local video store, but I really REALLY like NetFlix, and would much rather use them for ALL my movie rentals. I hate late fees.

CONCLUSION: Although there are a couple ways to achieve this kind of functionality, I’d much rather pay a couple dollars extra rather than try to go around the system. Hopefully NetFlix will realize the profitability of a functionality like this and implement it in a future upgrade.

I’ve been a NetFlix evangelist for YEARS and love everything about their service. I’ve got all my family and friends signed up and can’t recommend their rental program enough. I don’t even want any royalties for my idea, just the opportunity to improve upon an already awesome DVD rental experience.

Thanks for listening.


            Aaron Marks