NetFlix Feature Request - "I Want It Now!"

An open letter to my friends at NetFlix. A request for the most cleverest feature ever.

August 17, 2007

NetFlix Customer Service
Requests and Suggestions Department

Dear NetFlix,

I have an idea for an "I want it now!" feature.

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BACKGROUND: Thursday afternoon, I was chatting with my friend Cari. We make plans to get together on Saturday to watch a movie. She's totally fried from a hellish workweek and wants to watch a silly fun comedy. Unfortunately, all the movies I've got at home right now are foreign epics and heart-wrenching dramas. Even if I did have a movie to return, I would never be able to get it back to NetFlix in time for you to ship me a movie before the weekend. I despise the idea of signing up for a Blockbuster account for occasions like this. What's a boy to do?

IMPLEMENTATION: Here's how the “I Want It Now!” button would work. For a nominal fee, I could rent an additional movie, even though I’ve already got all 3 of my movies already at home. It will be sent out right away, so I can watch it the next day. I won’t be shipped an additional movie until I’ve returned 2 more, to get myself back under my quota.

ALTERNATIVE: There are already a couple ways to achieve this, but nothing ideal. I’m pretty sure I could upgrade my account to 4-movies-at-once, and then change it back down to 3-at-once the following month, but that’s a lot of work, and is possibly overkill for what I’m trying to accomplish.

MOM & POP ALTERNATIVE: I could go out and get an account with my local video store, but I really REALLY like NetFlix, and would much rather use them for ALL my movie rentals. I hate late fees.

CONCLUSION: Although there are a couple ways to achieve this kind of functionality, I’d much rather pay a couple dollars extra rather than try to go around the system. Hopefully NetFlix will realize the profitability of a functionality like this and implement it in a future upgrade.

I’ve been a NetFlix evangelist for YEARS and love everything about their service. I’ve got all my family and friends signed up and can’t recommend their rental program enough. I don’t even want any royalties for my idea, just the opportunity to improve upon an already awesome DVD rental experience.

Thanks for listening.


            Aaron Marks


Jefferson said...

That would be sweet.

Callipygian said...

I got Mike at the Hacking NetFlix blog to share my post with his readers. I've heard rumors that the NetFlix dev team actually follows his blog pretty closely, and I got a lot of positive feedback from the community. Maybe some day this might actually be incorporated into their feature set. Yay!

aperock said...

I was justing talking to my friend last week how I wish Netflix had something like this as well.