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So the only way I'm going to get fast with this keyboard is by using it, so here goes nothing. I'm actually pretty impressed with how accurate it is. The only major drawback I've found with it is that words like hooooly jebus this phone farking rawks!! aren't in the dictionary so it auto corrects things to the wrong word. The good news is, this baby is a fast learner, all those words are now legit ;) My typing is getting pretty quick too. I'm already faster than any other mobile device I've owned.

Other than a few quirks, this phone is nothing short of amazing.
People were complaining about the lack of 3g high speed wireless data, but the edge network seems more than sufficient.

Things that surprised me:

This is the first computer I've used since '89 that can't copy/paste. I was shocked to find it missing.

The last phone I had that couldn't send MMS picture text messages had a B&W screen. I've read that MMS should be available soon but still...

On the positive side, it's such a joy to use. The UI is gorgeous and sooooo smooth. Everything just works together seemlesly.

The loop that comes up to assist with cursor placement is way clever.

Phone reception and voice quality are both exceptional.

Dan M. put it best, "I still giggle when I use it".

So that's day one.
More reviews to come I'm sure.

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Lego Art

I played with LEGOs a lot as a kid. I mean like, I was really into it. I had an entire city on the floor in my bedroom. There was a downtown with high-rises, a hospital, and police and fire stations. A beachside vacation neighborhood, an airport, and all kinds of other stuff that came and went. I didn't have any of those Starwars© or Pirates of the Caribbean© LEGOs either. Just smiling yellow guys & gals, and rectangular bricks. If you wanted a space-ship, you had to build it out of the shapes you had.

When I was about 16 or so, I put my entire collection in a gigantic box, and gifted everything to a younger family friend (hi Asher!). I think it was one of the coolest gifts I've ever given.

But I digress. The point is, I have a huge appreciation for the power of LEGOs, and this is some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen.

Nathan Sawaya's Lego Art


Will Ferrell - The Landlord

Will Ferrell and Pearl McKay rocking the funny. Way too cute.