Tortuguero y Volcan Arenal

We just got back from 3 lovely days in Tortuguero, a charming town on the Caribbean with access only by boat. With no cars in town, there are no roads, only smooth sand paths. The town itself was just too cute. Easily one of the most fun places we've stayed. Tons of friendly folks and lots of natural beauty. The boat ride into town was especially nifty. Imagine the jungle safari boat-ride at Disneyland, only instead of plaster elephants blowing water at you there´s herons, egrets, and even a crocodile (or maybe it was a cayman). Instead of sticky-fingered little kids, the riders are Costa Rican commuters. We even managed to get wet when the boat got too close to the shore and splashed water all over us (see flickr for Myshelle´s amazingly fortuitous timing). We unfortunately weren't able to enjoy the town as much as we would have liked, we´re both recovering from a nasty stomach bug. We´re now in the town of Fortuna, at the base of the Arenal volcano. I´d never actually heard a volcano exploding before, very cool. Sounds like a staccato jet-plane. We took a little stroll around the base of the volcano, and now we´re back at the hotel. Myshelle´s getting annoyed with me because it´s taking too long for me to blog and upload pictures. In all fairness, we've been here an hour and a half. After this we´re headed out to the natural hot-springs outside of town. Should be spectacular. The pool has a bar, I think Myshelle will forgive my transgressions as soon as I get her a nice cold tropical drink. Miss you. Wish you were here.


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Sounds like a beautiful spot ...
but I'm waiting to hear if you've seen a
Resplendent Quetzal