Yay for the MacArthur Maze Collapse!!

BART was Busy This Morning
This Morning's Commute

I am really happy about the MacArthur Maze collapse. That is to say, I'm sure it's going to be a little tougher to get around for the next month or two, but I think it's worth it.

BART ridership hasn't changed much in the last couple years[1]. Just by casual observation, BART was twice as crowded this morning as it would be on an average Monday. If there are a few thousand people that have never taken BART before and are forced to learn this week, maybe they'll notice how awesome and easy it is. And if ridership goes up, they'll need more trains to accommodate the new passengers. With more frequent trains comes shorter waits on the platform. (In Paris the busy lines on the Metro come every 2 minutes). Luckily, with increased ridership should come increased revenue from fares so they'll be able to afford to bring in more trains.

Ok, there are a few logical leaps here, and maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but considering the amazing lack of deaths/injuries to come out of this, a little traffic is a small price to pay for fewer cars on the road. Remind me of this post in a couple weeks when I'm sitting in traffic taking an hour and a half to get across town to my Dad's house in Piedmont.


Dan said...

From El Cer to Piedmont, I'd just take San Pablo to W. MacArthur, forget the freeway. Don't you have TomTom?

Callipygian said...

Actually, I posted this entry before I fully understood which freeways were impacted and how it would affect traffic patterns. It turns out I can get to Piedmont the same way I always have. Traffic wasn't much worse than normal. Getting to 880 on the other hand may be a little trickier.

PS: I love GPS. I have no idea how I managed to get around for so long without it.

Jefferson said...

hopefully it won't be too bad to get to Berkeley next Tuesday for karaoke. :-D I wonder how close to BART it is ...

Callipygian said...

Here's a map I made, just for Jefferson.

See ya Tuesday.

Oh, and if anybody else out there is geeky enough to read the comments in my blog you're probably geeky enough to come sing karaoke with us. We'll be at the Shattuck Down Low Lounge next Tuesday.

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