An Adorable Music Video

I first watched this music video a couple months ago. As soon as it ended I promptly watched it again because it was so darned cute and catchy. Now I've got the high quality mpeg sitting on my desktop and whenever I notice it sitting there I'll spin it up again. It tickles me every time. She's just so darned adorable. Enjoy (and turn up your volume, she's better loud):
Regina Spektor - Fidelity

The vocal stylings around Hear-ahah-ar-ahah-ar-aaart are the dividing factor. I think they make her even that much more adorable. I'm sure many just think they're annoying.

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Unknown said...

Hadn't seen the MusicVideo ... but I did by "Begin to Hope" when it was released last June after listinging to a great interview with Regina Spektor on NPR


You'll enjoy hearing her talk about her music!